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A Sporty Way to Sell a New Service

Sometimes getting your business on the map takes a bit of creativity and imagination.  A business can offer the best product or service and go completely unnoticed.  And other times a little bit of imagination can bring customers banging at the door.  The experience HVAC course instructor Wallace described to his students in a lecture one day is a perfect example of how imaginative tactics brought one Boston climate control specialist a host of new and loyal customers.

After a decade working with various companies this specialist settled down in the Boston area to start his own business.  He put out notices on the internet and in local publications.  Some business came from friends and referrals, but the initial response was slow.  He was dining with friends after a day game at Fenway Park and discussing the Red Sox’s performance when he thought of the potential patrons he’d seen in the grandstand.  That evening he sketched a new logo that he had Vistaprint use when they printed his new business cards.  It wasn’t fancy, just showing a sketch of a baseball glove, a football, a hockey stick and a basketball arranged in a diamond layout around the business name and slogan “Service for All Seasons.”  This told customers they’d get the necessary service to keep heating, air-conditioning and climate control systems operating throughout the year, regardless of conditions or concerns.  In a sports-mad town like Boston the style of the message resonated with a large potential clientele.

His first batch of the new cards vanished before a month was out, so he used a Groupon promo code to bulk order a second, larger batch of business cards at half price.  These he left at local sports clubs, bowling alleys, restaurants, bistros, college campuses and sports venues.  In a short while he was scheduling HVAC system inspections and repair work nearly 3 months in advance and upgrading heating systems during the middle of the summer.  Other businesses called him for heating and air conditioning system inspections and service recommendations.  The fledging business rapidly mushroomed thanks to his novel approach, coupled with the use of Groupon coupons that helped put his service cards before the right market.   It was a small investment that resulted in a productive response.