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8 Reasons for Not to Go to Dubai

Dubai is the controversial place that makes everyone dreams by its brilliant luxury and illuminating the world. With tourist projects to turn the heads of the biggest dreamers, Dubai is a capital that attracts tourists. It is the heart of a treasure, it is the paradise of the bourgeois, lovers of luxury and beautiful things and certainly the paradise of thieves too (when you see the wealth of this city). What if you look at Dubai in another way? Here are the top 10 reasons not to go to Dubai (well, whatever …).


  • Tennis matches are repetitive and tiresome


Tennis on the roof of one of the most luxurious hotels in the world: the Burj Al Arab Hotel. Only in Dubai can you see this, on a heliport now transformed into a tennis court and very demanding balls. It’s the fish that will have new toys. Better you make use of the Hasoffer Free Coupons Online and shop with happiness!


  • Activities are few


Where is it possible to take your child to the Sea aquarium while enjoying a live tennis match? In Dubai of course! Not sure that for the player by cons it is very pleasant service to see the shadow of a whale pass.


  • The hotels are shabby and too classic


To go to sleep you need a mask and a snorkel. Small visits by the seabed and you have arrived at your hotel, so classic? Hoping you does not get seasick. Better to stay in your own country with the use of the Real Food Coupons Online.


  • The budget is far from going to safety


Maybe the local police budget goes to road safety, but not where you think it was. So if you hope to succeed in leaving the police far behind you and escape after a break-in, it is not in Dubai that you will have to try that.


  • You will only see usual things


Car accidents between a scooter and a car or between a bike and a car … No Dubai accidents are not the same accidents, they are beautiful cars all damaged, the ones that most leave in the garage under a tarpaulin well sheltered. In Dubai the usual things are often unusual for you.


  • Neighbors make too much noise


And even if the neighbors are noisy, disturbing, and painful … Anyway they are on the bank next door and you will not hear them. On the other hand if you want to do a little evening between neighbors, it will take a boat to go to their home, some take the bike, others the car, others go on foot and in Dubai is the boat or swim, your choice! But using the Free Real Redmart Coupon Codes is far better in your home country.


  • Boredom happens so fast


What to do when you are in a place as luxurious as Dubai? You will get bored by flying over the city, and having thrills. No?


  • Traffic jams due to a tractor are common


You wanted to hit the road, and now you’re right behind a bus, a motor home or even worse stuck in traffic because of a tractor that is not moving. Oh no, you are in Dubai … traffic jams look a little different.